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Why We Choose Professional Photos for Every Home…

*The featured image above was taken by Suburban Lens of a past listing. Poor lighting, crooked lines, and awkward angles make listing photos look amateurish. But just how big of a difference is there? Photography pros from Realtor Magazine share amateur images on the left and professional images on the right that exemplify the rules
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Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home…

Getting your home ready for photos is a great way to transition into the many showings that await while your house is on the market. When you are getting ready to list your home for sale, online marketing is one of THE most important marketing tools to sell your home. Potential buyers will get the
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8 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling- As Told by Forbes

Forbes offers great insight as to why your home isn't selling fast: 1. You’re overconfident Being in a seller’s market might mean that your home will get snapped up for premium price, no matter its condition. But that isn’t a strategy to count on. “Sometimes homeowners and agents get overconfident in a seller’s market and